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The South-Tyrolean
Freedom Movement – Free Alliance for South-Tyrol “SÜD-TIROLER FREIHEIT – Freies Bündnis für Tirol” is a liberal-patriotic alliance which claims the right of self-determination for the South-Tyrolean people.

Our country has been occupied since 1918 by the Italian central government but our resistance against this injustice still persists. Approximately 350.000 German-speaking Tyroleans live in this annexed area continuing their struggle to keep alive their traditions and customs, but it is a challenge to maintain our cultural heritage in a foreign national state. Moreover Italy is on the verge of bankruptcy, and even our very rich region suffers greatly because of the economic inability of the Italian central government. From our point of view the only way to remain a prosperous region is to separate from the Italian national state.

After World War I,
Italian troops occupied the southern part of the Austrian Tyrol, although former U.S. President Woodrow Wilson in his famous “Fourteen points” declared that a (re)adjustment of the frontiers of Italy should be effected along clearly recognizable lines of nationality. But the secret treaty of London, in which Italy betrayed his allies, guaranteed Italy the so called “Brenner border”. This border still divides Tyrol into two parts.

Under the fascist government of Mussolini,
the German-speaking population of South Tyrol suffered displacement and persecution. Adolf Hitler agreed with Mussolini that the South Tyroleans had to be expatriated and therefore he prohibited all pro-South Tyrolean propaganda in Germany and Austria. For this reason national-socialism and fascism are considered the gravediggers of our country. Our movement doesn’t tolerate any form of political extremism.

As a consequence in South Tyrol,
German schools were closed and prohibited. Moreover all German names were Italianized, even German grave inscriptions were cancelled, and nowadays fascist place-names are still in use. Even fascist monuments still exist and are renovated with Italian (including South-Tyrolean) tax-payers money. Furthermore senior Italian politicians, like the minister of foreign affairs Gianfranco Fini, chairman of the neo-fascist “National Alliance” party hold memorial ceremonies for fascist soldiers under the “Victory Monument” in the South Tyrolean capital Bozen. They celeberate their victory over our people, which historically was no military victory, because before World War I ended not a single Italian soldier entered Tyrolean territory. Italian troops occupied our land after a ceasefire had been established. Therefore it was a diplomatic victory, achieved through a pack of lies and betrayal – not a heroic military victory like the “Victory Monument” suggests.

Today in times of human rights and liberty,
our people still haven’t received the right of self-determination. Therefore we claim the right to conduct a referendum in which our people can decide whether we want to be part of Italy or to become independent. The Italian government has never conceded this fundamental right to our people.

Freedom for South
Tyrol – because South Tyrol is not, has never been and will never
be Italy!


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Before World War I.

Meeting of the Council of Ministers of 12 November 1866 Emperor Franz Joseph (Austrian Emperor not Italian Emperor)

“His Majesty has expressed the precise order that we decisively oppose the influence of the Italian element still present in some Crown lands, and to aim unsparingly and without the slightest compunction at the Germanization or Slavicization – depending on the circumstances – of the areas in question, through a suitable entrustment of posts to political magistrates and teachers, as well as through the influence of the press in South Tyrol, Dalmatia, and the Adriatic Coast."

This article is only about history mystification. A common practice in this website.


Went to Inichen, took an interest and read up about the Sud Tyrol. Good luck to you.

Ingaborg Hofer (my mothers name)

My mother was born and breed a Sud tiroler in Steinhaus grandparents always saw themselves as Tirolers and never as Italians. Nor did they speak the Italian language. My mother's family are proud to be Tirolers...I hope and pray that you do not succumb to the pressures not just from the Italian government but from the the EU...where ethnicity and culture are being eroded with the help of those we elect to look after us the people...I support you in your evdevours

Christine Panelati Sandness


My family is from South Tirol, that is Austria not Italy. I wear a t-shirt in the summer and a hoodie in the winter that says Sud-Tirol ist nicht Iialien. I resigned from the Solvay Tyrol Club in Solvay, NY (outside of Syracuse NY) because they believe "we" are Italian. My dad hated being called Italian, and so do I.

Free Sud-Tirol.

Aaron Werner Lamprecht

Dear Eva,

My name is Aaron Werner Lamprecht. My grandfather, Anton Lamprecht and his brother Engelbert Lamprecht are from Walten in St Leonhard in Passier. I am sorry I cannot write in German as my father emigrated to Ireland. I know my Grandfather fought in the second world war and wanted South Tyrol to be reunited with Austria. I am writing to say that you have my vote at all times. South Tyrol is not Italian and never will be. If I ever get to meet you it would be an honour for me. I hope that one day Sudtirol will be reunited with Austria.

My sincerest best wishes,

Aaron Werner Lamprecht

John Rattigan

Good day to you,

My name is John Rattigan and as a member of the Scottish National Party, and Na Fir Dileas, a Jacobite organisation, I am very interested in your struggle for self determination, a struggle we will hopefully win when we vote for an independent Scotland in September this year. I met some of your supporters last year at the March for Independence in Edinburgh but have only just found your website.

What is the current situation with your request for self determination?

Regards from Scotland

John Rattigan

Cristian Kollmann

Dear Mr Rattigan,

thank you very much for your comment and your support!

The current situation with our request for self-determination is described here:

So let us wish each other luck for our fight for freedom!

Cristian Kollmann